The RDC Foundation was set up in 2019 in the memory of Richard D Crabtree who passed away after an illness in 2015. Richard was heavily involved in the development of young people through activities notably (but not exclusively) over 30 years as a geography teacher, Scout Leader and Expedition leader for British Schools Exploring Society.

Richard is estimated to have had a profound impact on the lifelong development of more than 1000 young people and a grateful group of them (now much older!) decided it was a fitting memory to create a foundation to continue the spirit of his endeavours. Richard was extremely generous in his time to develop young people and whenever asked why he did it, he simply said that he was only continuing what others had done for him, a tradition the foundation will endeavour to honour.


The RDC foundation awards grants to support young people under the age of 21 in recreational and leisure activities so as to develop their mental, physical and moral capabilities so that they grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

Firstly, we award up to £1000 grants to individuals undertaking significant life changing adventurous activities that they themselves have been heavily involved in planning. Secondly, we award up to £1000 grants to charities for the purchase of relevant equipment to engage young people in adventurous activities.

Please note we can only support UK residents and UK based charities.


Please download the appropriate form and complete it in full and email it to applications@rdc.foundation.

Applications are reviewed and grants awarded every 3 months.

All applications are reviewed by each trustee and awarded based on majority decision based on the agreed funds available to allocate in each half-yearly cycle.

[Individual applicants - Please note that The RDC Foundation consider that a considerable role in the organisation of any trip constitutes a key part of the learning experience. As such we do not award Grants to individuals seeking to partake in organised trips (e.g. Project Trust, Operation Raleigh) unless they can demonstrate a significant involvement in organisation of the trip or can demonstrate unique personal circumstances requiring support]




Nick Adlam

Nick got his first taste for Mountaineering through a trip to the Alps with RDC in 1996 and went on to undertake a variety expeditions around the world including the Alps, Iceland, Himalayas and Africa. He has also been a scout leader for over 10 years with a particular focus on getting young people into the mountains and climbing

Kate Adlam

Kate has been a scout and Beaver leader for over 10 years and supported a number of groups across London and Hampshire with a particular interest in backwoods and wild camping. Now married to Nick she got into the outdoors through him and is now a passionate advocate.

Alain Hosley

Alain went on a variety of expeditions with RDC from 1993 onwards, this has lead to his passion for the outdoors. He continues to climb and ski regularly. He is currently a tour leader with the Eagles Ski club.

Nick Saunders

Nick was a scout under RDC and went on to get his first taste of travelling on a trip to East Africa in 1997 when he enjoyed trekking in the Kenya deserts and climbing Mount Kenya. Nicholas went on to travel the world on various adventures and now enjoys mountain marathons and other endurance events.

Dave Potter

David got his first taste for Mountaineering through a trip to the Alps with RDC in 1996 and enjoyed a variety of expeditions around the world afterwards. His purpose in life was set after listening to a presentation by a special forces doctor at a Scout evening arranged by RDC - David is today a doctor within the Royal Marines and continues to embrace his love of the great outdoors through a variety of activities including fell running and cycling.